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Alopecia Areata Causes

Alopecia Areata Causes Creates sleepless nights for quite a number of people. A condition that often affects individuals scalp.

although in some cases it can affect other parts of the body. The disease entails the scalp losing hair and usually it is on one part of the head compared to the other.

The disease is also not a discriminator of race, time, place, health status or social status and because of this; many people seek to know about this condition and how it can be prevented.

Among the different auto immune disorders this is abnormality within a person’s immune system. Due to this, a number of tissues within a person’s body are attacked by their immune system.

Where sudden baldness is concerned, the immune system of the body attacks the person’s hair follicles and consequently interrupts normal formation of hair.

The reasons for this occurrence have however not been established. One of the most commons forms is complete loss of hair on on the head in a circular patch about 1-10 centimeters in diameter.

In Areata hair loss that is triggered by stress will sometimes grow back after the stress is cured.

Some allergic disorders are also known to cause Alopecia and among these are lupus, some families with a history of asthma, eczema, auto immune disorders rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis and vitiligo.

In some instances the condition is found in family members and this suggests that heredity and genes have a role in causing the condition as well.

Fungal infections,are also Alopecia Areata symptoms as they infect the scalp.

Inadequacy of Thyroids has been cited as a cause of the Alopecia Areata disease. A person’s thyroid gland is tasked with ensuring that the body’s normal functions such as metabolism and body’s growth take place as required as it secretes vital hormones that are important for the regulation of body processes.

In case the secretion of the thyroid gland is not enough; the mechanisms of the body will go down in function. This will result in a number of body changes including the loss of hair. Poor diet can contribute Alopecia Areata as well because the metabolism of the body and hair growth will be affected as the body lacks essential minerals, vitamins and other needed nutrients.

Patients who undergo chemotherapy and use certain medications are also prone to hair loss as the medication which is used to kill cells that multiply at a fast rate, unfortunately kill hair cells in the process. The above are the common traits of Areata and the earlier one finds out about them the easier it will be for them to control and/or prevent the condition. ^ Back up to Alopecia Areata