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Black Hair Care Tips, Secrets, and Guide

The latest black hair care tips...Quite a number of women with black hair often find themselves at a loss of how to take care of their hair which can be very coarse and kinky. This does not mean that you have bad hair!

Just an excessive curl pattern that requires a little more care. But also lends itself to the explosive natural hair style movement...Believe it or not your hair is the envy of many. So hope fully these black hair care tips will add new information that you will try to enhance your hair further.

My mantra has always been if your hair is growing you have Good Hair.

However, there should not be cause for worry because there are a number of ways you can manage your hair and get what you want from it through our black hair care tips.

But first let's internalize these black hair care tips first.

  • Sleep on a satin pillow case or put a satin scarf or a nylon sleep cap on your head. They even have a silk wrap with velcro on the front where the top is open for a cooler sleep.

  • This helps minimize split ends caused by the friction of hair against a absorbent cotton pillow case. It also avoids moisture being wicked out of your hair into the cotton pillow case.

  • Shampoo your hair no more than once a week or every ten days. More than this can dry your hair out. Use a good conditioner and a of course a wide tooth comb, part in sections and comb from the bottom up.

  • Don't use a 2 in one shampoo conditioning product it is not as effective as a separate low PH shampoo and conditioner. And do not use hot water when shampooing hair. Hot water not only dries the scalp but irritates it as well. Water temperature should be luke warm or even a little on the cool side.

  • HAIR ALERT...Here is a little secret you can use to help detangle wet hair, reduce static, or to give hair some moisture, especially if you wear a funky textured look or a sharp precision cut.

  • Get you a small spray bottle from Sallys and mix a professional grade conditioner like Redken Smooth Down or your favorite conditioner.

  • This black hair care tip is a great remedy for keeping and maintaining healthy hair which works well for all types of hair!

  • HAIR ALERT Why you should be using a professional grade conditioner is the molecules are smaller and will penetrate the cuticle layer of the hair better for optimum conditioning.

  • If you have color treated hair, I would recommend another brand of conditioner. But you would have to sign up for our free HAIR ALERT... from Sharing Our Hair Secrets Keeping Yours to find out about this one...

  • The formula, mix 1/4 amount of conditioner to spray bottle, to 3/4 of distilled water , shake it up good and spray or mist a small amount in your hair when needed. I have been using this in the salon for many years and it does wonders for hair. I also use this mix for all of my custom and human hair Lace wigs, and extensions as well..There you have it, a daily leave in conditioner.

  • Oiling of the scalp. Unless you have an extremely dry scalp I am not a big proponent of it because the production of your own natural oils should be fine. If your scalp is that dry it is probably an internal issue and you may need a hair and scalp supplement or consider a better diet

  • If you must oil on your scalp I would recommend a refined light coconut oil purchased from the health food store this is what I use on my hair and skin something you can eat with no strange names in it. Also a ultra light refined olive oil or even sunflower oil would be fine. And you could use these as a hot oil treatments as well.

  • Avoid products with mineral oil or petroleum. they are to be used for oiling diesel motors! Not scalps,they tend to block follicle pores and catch all of the dust and debris in the air. And there goes your soft swinging hair... When I see a lengthy Bobb style just stuck in place! It makes me cringe... I fill like going to work and squirting clarifying shampoo in there hair!

    If your mother used vaseline on your hair and everything else STOP! There are better alternatives.

  • Always use a leave-in conditioner after shampooing your hair.

  • Avoid high alcohol based products if possible, and use minimally amounts of hair spritzes as well. If you have a need for a alcohol based product that is a water free shampoo used in hospitals, one that is used while you are waiting for your locks to lock, use sparingly.

  • Minimize the your use of blow dryers, marcel, and flat irons. Mold and or Wrapp your hair more. Sit under the dryer, Get a tryed and proven roller set for that healthy, soft, vibrant head of Hair...

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