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Black Hair Magazine... Most Requested!

A black hair magazine should have the latest hair designs, good sound articles on hair styling and hair care. Beauty secrets, the latest clothing's and accessories, and maybe some good juicy celebrity gossip!

A black hair magazine should provide a visual and conversational format. What magazine one likes most are your own personal preference and taste. Inside of those slick glossy covers are sheer hair designing spectaculars.

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. Once viewing some of the many different hair designs from so many professional talented Hair Designers, your styling options are unlimited. the latest try ons are virtual makeovers try one here Why not try some new hair styles on now

The black hair magazine would give you many more ideas than you could ever imagine.

You could try twist or Straw Set If you are transitioning to a natural hair style from a chemical treated look, consider a straw set. In a straw set, you use drinking straws or small perm rollers to wrap your hair in ringlets. Whatever you do do not try to comb it only finger style it.

Once you have shampooed and conditioned your hair, wrap small sections around the straws and secure it with hair pins at the ends. Dry your hair under low heat with a bonnet hair dryer, or with very low, diffused heat with a hand dryer.

Professional Career Looks, using soft roller wraps that by far are the healthiest services for your hair. Latest trends spiked up with a little highlights.

Maybe twists, dreads would suit you. While some stylists use the term natural hair to refer only to Afros, others use the term for any hair style without chemical treatment, including Afros, up dos and all types of braids.

Since the chemicals used to straighten and relax black hair can be damaging to the hair as well as to the scalp,when applied incorrectly. There are some individuals who's hair is to fine to accept relaxers, the loss of all of their natural body is compromised and no longer full enough to support a hair style. Many people should consider a natural approach depending on their hair texture. It allows the hair to grow longer since it is undamaged and you are not handling your hair as much.

Last but not least the Classic, timeless, updated Bobb. That always looks smart especially with a precision shear and razor cut! that is the shape,foundation and strength, that supports the bobbed hair design. The bob works for most facial shapes, body size and life styles.

So visit your favorite Professional Hair Stylist today! and bring the best hair style magazine with you to discuss a look for you...

And remember, you can wear almost any hair design with a little attitude...and attitude is just a decision away.

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