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Cranial Prosthesis Hair
Medically Related Hair Loss

Cranial prosthesis is a hand made custom hair system and is particularly designed for people who may be experiencing alopecia aerata , chemotherapy, alopecia totalis, trichotillomania or certain medical or auto immune conditions and have lost their hair. People usually make use of this term when applying for write offs on their tax deductions or on medical insurance.

The prosthesis has been around from the 1950s and among its other uses are regulating body temperature and protecting immune systems that are weak from the rays of the sun.

Cranial prosthesis which is also referred to as a Full custom hair prosthesis completely resembles real hair in both the construction,density,texture,color and design and are therefore the ideal solution for restoring self confidence in sufferers of Cancer or Alopecia conditions.

Due to the fact that the prosthesis are made using a combination of monofilament material that is gauze like, they are very comfortable for wearing.

Additionally, securing of the hairline and prothesis is done using a medical grade liquid adhesive for putting the skin together with the monofilament and poly skin or a medical tape.

But if you are allergic to these, a silicone material can be used for a vacuum like hair prosthesis that naturally adheres to the scalp without any glue or tape... After the prosthesis is attached to the hairline and head, an invisible hairline is created and this makes it look like the hair is actually growing from their scalp. The poly and monofilament materials that look like a gauze and is used for the construction of the cap is color designed to match patients skin color.

This in turn makes it easier for the cranial prosthesis to take on the color of the person wearing it, does away with moisture build up and heat and offers proper ventilation as one puts it on.

There are three types of cranial prosthesis; thin skin poly and poly monofilament combination, or a vacuum silicone base. It depends on the type of Alopecia you have been diagnosed with.

The thin skin type of prosthesis is best worn where the climate is cool as the material it is made from is not breathable and could end up getting hot on the wearer’s head.

People who normally wear machine made wigs there is no the quality,comfort,look, hair feel and fit!

Cranial prosthesis are hand made by a number of companies and it is therefore quite easy for one to get them. But look for high quality, well made, good hair, comfortable fit and most natural looking cranial prosthesis there is...

A cranial hair prosthesis is a hair system designed specifically for those suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions. Unlike an off-the-shelf wig, each prosthesis is custom hand made to fit.

Precise head measurements are taken and real human hair is selected from a large array of colors. Three variations of the hair color are blended for a more natural appearance. The hair is hand-tied onto a base material that resembles scalp.

The base, which is breathable and very comfortable, is attached with a semi-permanent bond. From that point, it is just like your own hair, to wash and style as you wish.

We are now a National Preferred Provider of cranial prosthetics, which enables us to bill medical insurance companies directly for you. Generally, insurance coverage is not limited to cancer patients, but includes any medical cause for hair loss, including male and female pattern hair loss and alopecia.

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