DHT Blocker Can Prevent Hair Loss By Blocking The Formation Of DHT

To better understand a DHT blocker, it is important to familiarize oneself with this defensive mechanism. DHT blocker increases the supply of blood to the hair follicles which stops hair loss. By increasing the blood flow to your follicles, you can expect thicker density, more fullness and body, and faster hair growth.

Though there are many factors that contribute to the thinning or loss of hair in women, one factor that should be considered is DHT. Known also as Dihydrotestosterone.

Just like there is a good and a bad cholesterol, there also is a good and bad testosterone. The enzyme named 5 alpha reductase that is produced in the adrenal glands and ovaries of the female, attaches to and converts testosterone the good, to Dihydrotestosterone the bad.

Which in turn attaches to a genetically weak follicle. Now there is a overabundance of Dihydrotestosterone DHT, which does its damage by choking off the blood supply and deleting proper nutrients to the follicle, triggering the hair loss process.

A DHT blocker works by preventing the reaction between the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase and testosterone, which when combined lead to the formation of testosterone. For hair follicle to grow, they need a certain amount of blood, DHT on the other hand causes less blood to flow to the hair follicle and this is what causes premature miniaturization and death of the hair follicle leading to loss of hair.

Testosterone in some way interferes with the biochemical pathway that can supply the scalp with large amounts of DHT. In certain cases, women’s hair follicle has been pre-disposed in such a way to draw DHT molecules.

The DHT molecules present in the scalp attaches itself to the hair follicle, cutting off the blood supply and if the individual does not use any defensive therapy, the hair follicle on the affected scalp stops growing and dies leading to hair loss.

Women who have inherited testosterone do not have to be afraid about the uncertainty of hair loss since they can choose any natural DHT blocker. These blockers fill the receptor sites preventing any DHT molecule to attach themselves to those sites.

The fact that the production of DHT limits the supply of blood to hair follicles is enough to convince any one about the role it plays in hair loss. With the stigma sometimes associated with hair loss in most women, testosterone blocker will be effective for those who want to prevent further hair loss.

The place where hair loss occurs the most is an indication of where DHT attaches itself the most to hair follicles. Majority of women, who do not use any blocker, first notice the hair loss at the top of their head, at the temple area and along the hairline.

Women who have hair loss problems find it hard when choosing a solution due to the wide range of such hair loss prevention and treatment products. When choosing a hair loss product be mindful and carefully research the formula, and look up some of the ingredients.

Because New Hair Biofactors is used topically and is made with natural ingredients, it does not affect DHT production elsewhere in the body; therefore, it has no systemic side-effects and is safe for use by both women and men. Controls excessive hair loss in one week guaranteed. Nisim stimulating extract is clinically proven to regrow hair. Nisim is 85.7% effective and is backed by a 100% money back Guarantee Control Excessive Hair Loss Guaranteed

We wish for you to be aware of any products that claim to re-grow luxurious thick hair on completely bald areas. Once DHT has destroyed a hair follicle, (the bulb that the hair shaft grows out of), and that hair follicle falls out of the scalp, that hair can never regrow.

In other words, there is no cure for baldness regarding hair follicles that have atrophied or fallen out of the scalp.

Your next move at this point would be a cosmetic solution, which there are many available to make you feel whole again.

Our product is designed to preserve existing hair follicles, and to prevent and minimize the miniaturization of the hair shaft.

One can find a DHT blocker in various forms including shampoos, overnight scalp treatments and supplements. Individuals, who have the desire to stop hair loss and want their hair to grow back, should use DHT products that promote hair re-growth. The best are those that are natural and do not require prescriptions

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