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Dandruff Control
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Dandruff control for dandruff is a common and bothersome scalp problem that does not have a cure but can be prevented.

For some people it is more severe, at least one out of every two people experience dandruff to some extent. Dandruff is basically dead skin that is loosely spread over the scalp and hair and may sometimes hinder a person from feeling confident.

Contrary to what many believe, dandruff is not a disease therefore, treatment measures should be sought to deal with this skin problem.

Having dandruff is a natural process of removing dead cells from the scalp. Other myths such as hair loss as a result of dandruff is still debatable; personally I believe excessive dandruff is a contributing factor of premature hair thinning and you should be keep under control.

For effective control, it is important that a person suffering from dandruff to know the origin and causes. It takes about 28 days for the epidermal cells of human beings to be renewed, making older cells accumulate on the scalp. Though for some people it is not visible, this grey whitish flaking becomes visible.

The exact cause of dandruff has not been established but there are conditions that can be considered as the reasons for it to occur and recommended control ways. First, dry hair or ingredients of certain hair products can trigger the dandruff as the flaking may become more intense. Also, a fungus that is found on every ones scalp known as Malassezia, which feeds on oil secreted by the hair follicles, may cause the scalp to be irritated and thus produce more cells. The extra cells fall off to what is seen as dandruff.

Other causes of dandruff include; stress, poor diet, overuse of shampoo, chemical treatments and other skin conditions. Since dandruff is a natural process, it is recommended that natural means can be used for dandruff control when the condition is not severe.

If dandruff condition is severe a naturaceutical cleansing agent should be used which can found here. The first reaction of many people towards dandruff is to use anti-dandruff shampoo. Though it can be an affective method, it is not effective to everyone and therefore home remedies can be used instead. Gentle hair massages with hot oil such as coconut or olive oil is an effective way to treat dandruff. A gentle massage using the fingertips helps to dislodge the flakes from the scalp to make the dandruff fall off the hair.

Another recommended home remedy for dandruff control involves application of water diluted vinegar on the scalp. The person can have it on for the night and wash it off in the morning. The person will begin to see positive results after a few months of regularly using it.

Another option would be to apply a mix of lemon juice and vinegar on the scalp. After massaging it onto the scalp, it is advised to treat the hair with egg shampoo. A person can also apply the paste of soaked fenugreek seeds for a few minutes followed by a thorough wash with a gentle shampoo. All these are tried and tested ways of dandruff control and have been considered to be successful and without side effects.

Another measure of dandruff control will require one to wash the hair with apple cider vinegar and leave it on the hair for about 30 minutes followed by a rinse with plain water. This is a good way to control the dandruff and better yet the vinegar smell evaporates. Hygiene is a key component to beauty and overall health therefore, personal effects such as combs, towels, pillow cases should be kept clean to avoid re-infection.

It is advisable to wash and soak combs in hot water that contains an antiseptic. Since there are so many alternatives to dandruff control, one should not use the excuse that having dandruff is a natural process to avoid treating the condition.

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