Edgestick Hair Straightner... Amazing Tool

The new Edgestick is getting rave reviews on the hair styling circuit and closing in on the pressing comb... because of its usefulness and safety factor, read more about it here.

My first encounter with a electric press comb was by a company named Tommy irons that shared a couple characteristics, but far less than this new innovative tool. The Tommy comb was a old school design with not enough heat, no ceramic barrel, no digital temperature read out. So you could not control your temperatures...

The Tommy basics were there as far as some functionality, but needed a whole lot of improvements...

So when the Tommy comb quit on me... and i couldn't find another. It was a number of years before i could locate another no burn tool like the edger hot comb... Then out of no where comes the Edgestick it was love at first sight! with its sleek design and quality build, robust features, and benefits.

The Edgestick is a finishing tool so every hair could be straightened and styled in place.

For the hairline edges, around ears and nape hairline area as well, for that polished salon look. The best part is it straightens your hair with no burns at all, not one, at all. Try this with your pressing comb.

It is also superb for alternative human hair. Lace hair systems, extensions or weaves, but no synthetic hair.

Everyone knows the stylist is only as good as his skills and the tools he uses...

The edge comb is so cool and useful for me the stylist, and you the end user for those quick edge ups or touch ups at home. You will wonder how you made it without it! Every one that purchased this new tool has given me a thumbs up... Nothing but positive reviews, and you will as well.

Just think! you won't have to run your pressure up chasing your daughters or nieces around the house when it's The Pressing comb Time! on Saturdays... while getting ready for Sunday school in the morning.

Everybody who is afraid of pressing combs and burnt foreheads, ears etc. raise your hands^^^ Don't be afraid anymore!

Take a look at the amazing performance of this tool here.We all need it. I do, You do, your daughter do, your mother do, and your Big Ma do to! For that final... finishing touch to your hair.

As you can see the Edgestick has a digital display for the temperature. Temp starts at 200 degrees and can be increased by increments of 10 up to 450 degrees. Comes with a nice carrying case. Plus a Ceramic barrel for smoother finish and even more precise heat. The new handle design just feels so perfect in your hand, which was designed by a hand surgeon. A wonderful tool that is extremely useful. Get yours here for a 6% discount, normally $79.99 Now 74.99