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Female Alopecia...Will It Happen To Me?

What do you know about Female Alopecia?

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Female Alopecia or the term Alopecia is a scientific term used to refer to hair loss.

Though androgenetic alopecia mostly affects men and is known as male patterned baldness, it can also occur in women due to the presence of male hormones.

In the case of women, this condition is known as female patterned baldness or female alopecia. This pattern of baldness differs from that occurring in men. Instead of revealing itself with spots or patches of hair loss, it begins with thinning of the hair along the entire scalp without making the hairline to recede.

Despite the hair loss, the good news for most women is that all female hair loss does not lead to complete baldness.

13% of women suffering from pre-menopausal syndrome are also experiencing female alopecia. This number is likely to increase as the individual ages and reaches the menopausal stage.

However, alopecia can also occur in women as early as they reach the age of thirty. During the early stages this condition is not easily noticed by others, though women who are facing it usually know of its existence.

Hair loss in women who are experiencing menopause or post menopause is a result of the low levels of estrogens. If hair loss starts in women above the age of forty, it is probably due to the effects of estrogens.

Though alopecia in women can also be a result of DHT, a by product of testosterone, the presence of female hormones such as progesterone and estrogen work to prevent complete baldness in women.

In women, genetics is the leading cause of female alopecia, where the woman has a high chance of experiencing hair loss if either the father or mother or even grandparents had that condition.

Besides genetics, other factors that are known to cause hair loss in women are sickness, which includes special medication (chemotherapy), special diet and severe stress. Some medications used for treating diabetes are also known to cause hair loss in women.

Female hair loss can be quite traumatizing for many women since society tend to link the beauty of women to their hair, femininity and fertility. A large number of women feel that hair is part and parcel of their daily lives and without it they cannot function well.

As a result of this, many women experiencing hair loss usually have low self esteem, which can lead to emotional turmoil. Luckily, women do not need to worry anymore about not having hair since there are a number of effective treatments they can use to reduce or prevent hair loss.

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One of the most popular treatments used to combat female alopecia is hair transplants or hair surgery. Though this procedure is mostly associated with men, it can be used on women who have lost hair mainly due to hereditary conditions.

Although a hair transplant is effective, not all women are suitable to undergo the procedure. The determining factor will depend on the nature of the alopecia. For instance, those who experience partial thinning are highly likely to benefit from transplant than those with complete hair thinning.

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Finally there are ultra precise hair replacements and weave solutions. These include the popular French or Swiss lace fronts, integration nets, or a combination of both, just to name a few. You can have any length, texture, color or highlights you want.

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