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Hair Cloning News...

Hair cloning is a procedure that has many people talking and discussing although it has not yet come to realization.

The procedure is seen as the future alternative of the current solution to hair thinning problems which is hair transplant.

Cloning of the hair entails multiplying the hair on the head of the patient through cloning the hair they have on their head.

Presently, there are a number of successful researches on the cloning of hair going on around the world and recently there was one that held much promise because dermal papilla cells also known as stem cells were cloned inside a laboratory then the dermal papilla numbers were multiplied. With such successful research on it, it means that the procedure is not so far away from us.

Although many people are eagerly waiting to see if cloning will indeed become a reality, it is only after its research is successful that the effective testing of transplanting of the hair that has been cloned to a human head will commence. A category of cells usually die within a short time while others take more time and the latter are perfect for performing a transplant.

Research on the subject is still in motion but no concrete way exists to establish how much longer people will have to wait for this procedure to start working.

A number of auto-immune diseases such as alopecia areata which are known to cause several or complete hair loss commonly from one’s head are normally treated with donor strip technique of transplanting.

Hair cloning is going to very helpful for people who do not have much hair or those who do not have any hair to begin a transplant with.

The cost of the hair cloning procedureis also a concern for many people who have heard about it.

Some peoples opinion is that its cost is going to be prohibitive for many patients while some suggest that because it will not have much strain on the surgeon and patient, could stand somewhere near what the current charges for hair transplants are.

Cloning of the hair may just be around the corner although no one can ascertain when it is going to be available. People who may be having problems and do not mind waiting might be able to choose it as their solution sooner rather than later. ^Back up to Hair Cloning