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Hair Color Removal
Solutions That Work

Hair color is all the rage. But you may need to know about hair color removal techniques.

Picture this, you are at the beauty supply house and you see a beautiful hair color kit that is a semi-permanent color on the shelf staring at you hum,You say to yourself, I would be hot in that hair color…

And semi-permanent color will only darken my hair because it does not contain peroxide like permanent color. So it does not penetrate the cuticle layer and will eventually fade out. It’s gentler on your hair, but that does not mean it will be mistake free perfect…

You hurry home, follow the instructions exactly and wait for 30 minutes before shampooing it out only to reveal, a dreaded disaster! This is not the color on the box, you start blundering out bad words, panic sets in, cold sweats happen, start pacing the floor, call somebody any body, then what will I do now! You do not have to accept this as a no way of return, there are a few methods you can try to remove semi-permanent color quickly and painlessly with these hair color removal skills.

There are many products available at the beauty supply that is useful in correcting color mistakes. Chemical products made particularly for hair color removal solutions.

However if you are attempting to avoid using yet another chemical on your hair there are several home remedies you can try first.

Shampoo your hair numerous times within the first 24 hours of applying the hair color with the hottest water you can stand! Shampoo, condition, hot water, and hot oil treatments with extra virgin olive oil will gradually fade color and you might be able to speed up the process if you act quickly.(Be extra careful not to burn yourself.)

After the first 24 hours coat your hair with lemon juice or vinegar and let it sit for 10 minutes before shampooing again. Continue this regimen for a few days until your hair returns to a satisfactory color. Another tip from hair color professionals is to use Prell shampoo. It seems to help fade the hair color pretty fast and can be bought at most drug stores.

The first thing one should do is contact a professional hair color specialist and try to get a appointment within 48 to 72 hours. If the person does not go to the professional in time, the color may lock into their hair and this will make it harder to remove.

If the hair color removal charges of the hair colorist are out of your reach you can call the manufacturer of the color for help. Many companies have help lines that are toll free.

The other options that are open to a person who wants to remove color from hair vary from one kind of hair color to another. For example a person who has henna in their hair can use mineral oil and alcohol to remove the henna. Which henna is known to be very unpredictable and really stains the hair with color which can be difficult to remove.

If the hair color turns out uneven, or a not so attractive olive green, usually that is from a dark color applied previously that was made up with a green base color. Then you probably tried to remove it with a lighter color that did not fully lift enough which left a lighter faded green color. A professional would then know their color wheel to determine what corrective color to use to cancel out the green cast which the opposite color across from green is red or a color with a warm base color…

For black and brown permanent color the best solution to use for hair color removal are color removal products, one that I personally like is Pravana Artificial Hair Color Extract which should be used by a professional.

A brassy color is another unnatural color that is not soft and has strong orange gold over tones you can try Clairol Shimmering lights shampoo made especially for eliminating brassiness as well as orange hues but if that does not work your stylist will know how to again observe the color wheel to know that blue is the opposite of orange and will cancel out the brassiness.

If the home remedies do not work to remove the color and you are still not happy with the results, see a professional. A color specialist can help you decide what route to take to restore your hair back to normal or close to it. ^Back up to Hair Color Removal