Hair Loss And Stress Control
The Way To Handle It

For some people hair loss and intense stress may trigger a type of hair loss called alopecia areata. The by product of hair loss and stress In this condition, the white blood cells attack the hair follicle — which stops hair growth. Within weeks, the affected hair falls out. The hair loss usually starts as a small round patch but may eventually spread to the whole scalp, and sometimes to body hair as well. The hair generally grows back, but the cycle may repeat itself. Telogen Effluvium is a condition of hair loss characterized by hair generally thinning over a relatively short time period.

A hair loss and stress regimen should start with specific and particular vitamins and minerals to stimulate hair growth and treat underlying causes of hair loss and stress. There are a number of natural therapies to address the underlying causes of hair loss.

Your diet and exercise is where it all starts, (hear we go again). You should consume organically grown Fruits, vegetables and fresh squeezed juices as much as you can afford. This body has to take us into the golden years and beyond. And don't forget drink plenty of water especially if you are on medication to flush out your kidneys and liver. Believe me hair loss and stress responds favorable to some small adjustments.

Adequate amounts of protein, which for a moderately active female would be 4 to 6 ounces of protein-rich foods per meal. Like nuts, fish, beans, poultry, and grass fed lean red meat in moderation, rather than pork or other fatty meats because of the latter's saturated-fat content. If you must eat pork, your safest bet is to eat the meat of non farm-raised animals, fed organically. How ever, you should avoid all processed pork products like bacon and sausage. (Oh no you didn't go there)...

A robust diet for hair loss and stress is a Mediterranean diet! Proven to be a alkaline enriched diet that is not only good for your heart but excellent for your hair as well.

Ok straight talk here, you must look for healthier choices at the fast food super size me place. Order a protein (preferably not fried) a salad and water with a lemon maybe, pass on the fries... the main goal is to remove as much fried and processed foods from your diet as you can. So lets go back to real foods, and you know what they are. Pull that crock pot out. Lets eat to live, NOT live to eat...

Get yourself a good multivitamin, playing close attention to the importance of the B Vitamins biotin, B6, and B12, zinc and selenium. Because the levels of these vitamins and minerals in multivitamins are sometimes inadequate so read the ingredients.

Some research often recommends additional supplements to achieve the following daily amounts; 10 mg biotin, 50 to 150 mg B6, 1,000 mg B12, and 30 to 60 mg zinc, along with 2 to 4 mg cooper and 200 mg selenium. These doses are high, so do not maintain them long term, and make sure a qualified health practitioner monitors the doses. Also taking essential-fatty acid supplements, such as flax seed, evening primrose, or cod liver oil.

If the underlying cause is hormonal, you may need phytoestrogens, progesterone-stimulating herbs or herbs that help regulate the menstrual cycle. Some herbs, such as horsetail, which contains silica, may also help hair growth.

Nerve tonics, such as Passion Flower and Valerian Root, can help quell the anxiety or unrelenting stress pattern associated with hair loss and stress. And a wonderful sleep aid at night. My favorite herbs.

Here is a great Ayurvedic Antistress Tea. Mix equal proportions of jatamamsi and brahmi. Steep 1 teaspoon of this mix in 1 cup of hot water. Drink 2 or 3 times a day to relieve stress, which is a cause for hair loss. What's Sudden hair loss all about...

The Harmful Effects Of Stress

A stress reduction regimen is ideal for hair loss and stress control. When we are feeling Stressed the human body responds with shallow breathing. Shallow breathing is at the root of many health problems. Inhaling supplies 90% of metabolic nutrition, and exhaling provides 70% of waste disposal for the body and mind. This osmotic exchange of gasses maintains the body's chemical balance and affects our body and mind functions.

When we feel stressed we experience worry, anxiety, anger or fear . These fight or flight emotions trigger adrenaline stays in our bloodstream unused, creating toxic and hazardous conditions.

How does our body perform when, stress-produced adrenaline enters our bloodstream?

Our heart rate increases... causing hypertension...this can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.

One of my clients which is a Dialysis Nurse gave me this tip, that another way to help control High blood pressure and keep from becoming a dialysis patient is drink adequate water with a cap full of lemon in water, through out the day, a natural diuretic. At least 4 to start, then 5 to 6 glasses a day.

Our platelets start to coagulate...which can lead to blood clots and clogged arteries...increasing our chances for stroke.

Our digestion stops...causing simple indigestion and heartburn...this can lead to ulcers,colitis, and colon cancer.

Our pancreas releases extra sugars into the bloodstream...eventually causing low blood sugar and fatique...increasing our risk for diabetes.

Our white blood cells slow production...which severly undermines our immune system...increasing our chances for respiratory infection, asthma, or cancer.

We stimulate an overabundance of brain chemicals...which creates mental confusion and mood swings...this limits our mental and emotional capabilites. the quality of your breathing determines the quality of your life. Optimal Breathing Reduces the Harmful Effects of Stress.

An optimal Breathing Session is like an internal shower. It flushes and purges the body of excess toxins and providing oxygen for cellular nutrition. This calms the entire system and brings the body and mind to a natural state of well-being.

Optimal Breathing offers a natural way to enhance your physical and mental health. Optimal Breathing uses varied breathing techniques to stabilize the blood and brain chemistry. This alters the effects of stress and encourages optimal health, which includes stimulating the hair growth cycle...

So from this week forth hair loss and stress control will be won, focus on being stress less no matter what.

To do that, take three or four long, slow, deep breaths, focus on the pauses between breaths, and feel your consciousness shift to that still, quiet, happy place within each of us.

Isn't it amazing how much happier you can be when you turn your attention inward?

Optimal Breathing Technique Exercises
For Controlling Stress

Anti-anxiety breaths: Purpose is to cleanse over abundance of brain chemicals. Body & mind become balanced and in control.

1. Quick Burst Breath - at least three exhales best results if seven. Strong quick exhale like a chugging train and short inhale. Exhale is twice as long as inhale.

2. Squeeze Out Breath - three or four exhales as long as possible for best results. Squeeze each exhale till you are out of breath (6-12 seconds). Slowly, calmly inhale for half as long as exhale.

These breathing exercises teach patience, poise, and reduced stress . Practice Waiting. Respect yourself enough when anxious to take 3 minutes time. You will feel better and make more appropriate choices.

Reviving Breaths: Purpose is to cleanse body and mind of excess toxins and feel rejuvenated.

1. Choo-Choo Breath - each breath is composed of two quick exhales and one quick inhale. Best results take from 30 seconds to 1 minute. Do not exceed two minutes.

2. Cleansing Breath - Each exhale and inhale is equal and evenly balanced. Best results are achieved with a long 5-7 count breath. 3 minutes will refresh. Longer will result in peaceful sleep.

Try remembering and practicing these exercises when in need of stress management...

For a step by step anxiety relief plan, consider this natural technique to stop general anxiety and panic attacks fast! Click Here!

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