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Hair Transplant For Women

Hair transplant for women is a new field even though hair loss can take place in both women and men. A hair transplant has been performed more often and is more prevalent in men.

In the past, transplant for women was a new concept that most females did not give much thought to. However, with the high number of women loosing their hair,the majority of them are opting to go for natural and permanent restoration of hair that a transplant for women can offer.

Although hair transplant has been in existence for quite a while now, a transplant for women can be viewed as novel concept when it is compared with the hair replacement procedures that have been done on men.

With the advancement in procedures used for treating thinning hair in females, a hair transplant is gaining popularity in the women’s desire to regain their natural hair and lost “glory”. The popularity in hair transplant has also increased due to the fact that many women especially professional women nowadays do not prefer to wear wigs. Women who want their hair back turn to surgery.

In hair transplant for women surgery, there are two procedures used by hair transplant specialists. These two procedures are; larger area transplant and follicle transplant, both of which depends on the way the hair is lost. Follicle transplant is the most used hair transplant procedure that involves the transplant of individual hairs to the thinning areas.

The other method used in hair transplant for women is the larger area transplant, which involves removing skin implants or flaps of skin that contain growing hair and then transplanting them in the areas that have no hair. Despite the method used, both procedures succeed in replacing lost hair.

It is important for those individuals looking for hair transplant for women procedures to first know if the transplant will be able to satisfy their needs and solve their hair loss problem. For instance, hair loss that mostly occurs from the top of the woman’s head can be easily replaced.

This happens by removing hair from other areas and transplanting them where there is no hair. In this type of hair, there is a high probability of the transplanted hair to grow back. However, hair transplant who have experienced hair thinning throughout their entire head is not possible since the hair removed from such areas will hardly grow again.

Hair transplant can also be done to women who normally have a high hairline, which makes them to appear older or masculine. In such women, this condition is caused by hereditary rather than hair loss. Those with a higher hair line have the option of going to a hair transplant specialist who will transplant hair to reconstruct a lower hairline.

Before undertaking hair transplant, many doctors will first determine the reason for the hair loss in females. This is because the cause of hair loss in women may be different than that in men. One should always consult a physician before using any products for hair restoration.

How to achieve natural hair transplant results

Today, when done right, hair transplant surgery can produce results that are so natural that even hair stylists cannot detect them. But the key is finding the right hair restoration physician.

It’s tough deciding who to choose. They all claim to provide natural and safe results. But in reality their skill, experience and talent vary widely, as do the end results.

Where to find and learn about outstanding hair restoration surgeons

It’s easy to find physicians offering hair transplants in any phone book or online directory. But to find the minority who provide truly natural and outstanding hair transplant results we recommend the following online resources:

  • Hair Loss Learning Center – This multimedia site provides extensive and in-depth information about hair loss causes and cures. It is sponsored by the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians. This elite group of surgeons is committed to excellent patient education and results.
  • Hair Transplant Network – This long time community provides recommendations for over 50 of the world’s leading hair transplant surgeons. This site also hosts the world’s largest gallery of patient before and after photos.
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