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Hair Loss Treatment For Woman
Cool Light Laser Treatments Could Be Your Answer ...

The Latest hair loss treatment for woman. What is Cool Light Laser Treatment?

The Laser Max 50 is a breakthrough Low Level Cool Light Laser Treatment device for hair loss treatment for woman and designed for the general public to use at home.

Developed in Sydney, Australia. Other patents pending in 104 other countries.

The Laser Max offers the same Laser hair therapy used by clinics worldwide, and has been proven to help hair loss in women.

Many of these clinics charge as much as $3500 for a 6-month treatment therapy of Low Level Laser Therapy. The Laser Max 50 is a breakthrough because it is an affordable, one-time purchase that you can use at home, whenever and wherever you like!

The Laser Max Works for Both Women and Men. With over 17 years of clinical experience, the results we have seen with the Laser Max 50 are both exciting and impressive in reversing female hair loss as long as the follicle hasn't closed up.

Our direct experience shows that both women and men of all ages respond with positive benefits to Low Level Laser Therapy. Our customers range in age from 18 to their upper 80s.

Dont buy a Laser Comb until you learn why they fail How Does the Cool Light Laser Max 50 Work?

We all know that living things "like" light. Your hair is no different. The Laser Comb extends the positive effects of a safe Low Level Laser to your hair. The process, referred to as Photo Bio Stimulation, results in thin problem hair looking thicker, fuller and healthier.

Can be a dramatically effective hair loss remedy. The Laser Comb works without any supplements or greasy lotions. It’s that simple! The end result is that your hair will flourish and you may start to like your hair again!

Results will vary from person to person, but you should begin to notice improvements to the appearance of your hair within the first 6 to 12 weeks. These improvements include thicker, fuller and healthier looking hair.

Gradually over the next few months, you should begin to notice your hair appearing fuller, stronger and denser. A big benefit for hair loss treatment for woman.

Over time, most users - women and men – will notice progressively increasing benefits as they continue to use their Laser Max 50. Conversely, once the usage stops, our experience is that hair regresses back to its original state. Easy to Use.Like brushing your teeth to maintain healthy teeth & gums, regular usage of the Laser Max 50 is recommended.

Just sit under Laser Max 50 twenty minutes, three times a week, no more. The Laser Max 50 may be used by itself or in conjunction with other treatments.This is the best hair loss treatment for woman now, in combating hair loss.

The Laser Max 50 Achieves Over 90% User Satisfaction.User satisfaction is very high! In the hair related industry, this is one of the highest user satisfaction indicators of any product.

User feedback collected to date, suggests that more than 90% of users achieve some positive benefits and results, In general, about 45% of users see noticeable indications of benefits from use of the Laser Max 50 within the first 8 weeks. Another 45% realize indications from 8 to 12 weeks and 10% see subtle improvements after 12 weeks.It is safe and gentle.

The Low Level Laser Light used in the Laser Max complies with US requirements for laser safety. The Low Level Laser affects only your hair as you achieve benefits without any worrying side effects.

High Powered Medical Lasers Compared to Low Level 'Photo' Lasers.There are two types of Lasers. High-powered Lasers are used in science and medicine. They generate heat that can be used in surgery and or other materials.

Low Level 'Photo' Lasers use light energy and ,do not give off heat. They work by a process known as Photo Bio Stimulation and do not have any adverse side effects.

Complementary with Hair Transplants. We believe the Laser Max should be used in conjunction with hair transplants. Some transplant surgeons have reported seeing noticeable benefits to using the Laser Max post operative.

Published Results of Laser Treatments for Hair. We encourage you to read more on the practical experiences of Cool Light Low Level Laser Therapy for hair. Over 2,500 papers have been published on the positive scientific studies of Low Level Laser Therapy. Here's another huge testimonial about the positive effects of laser therapy... Zap my hairloss now... Here's why you need the laser wand now...

The Low Level Laser Light used in the Laser Max complies with US requirements for laser safety. The Low Level Laser affects only your hair as you achieve benefits without any worrying side effects. This is a positive for hair loss treatment for woman.

For over two decades, Laser photo therapy or "low-Level Laser Therapy" provided a alternative hair loss treatment for woman that improved the condition and health of scalp disorders. Free from itching, dandruff, and flaky dry scalp.

Dandruff is often associated with, hair loss and cause of seborrhea... which chokes the hair follicle. With proper care this condition can be prevented or if treated in early stages can be cured. Nine out of ten individuals who seek treatment for baldness suffer from dandruff.

Dandruff is always the sign of a diseased scalp and in nearly all cases of premature hair loss are the result of seborrhea dermatitis. Some specialists say hereditary plays an insignificant part in their causation...

So to keep your hair and prevent its shedding one must maintain a healthy body and soul, a sound diet the time tested Mediterranean Diet is one the best and take advantage of some of the latest and proven therapy's for a hair loss treatment for woman.

Laser has been used in exclusive clinics around the world with great success. By realizing the need for a effective hair loss treatment for woman, bringing the proven therapy of laser light for thicker, and healthier hair is forward thinking and technology at its best...

The laser max 50 brings new hope for healthy hair to millions of women and men around the world. Direct experience shows that, unlike other treatments, women of all ages respond to the positive benefits of laser Photo Therapy. Laser Max users range in age from 18 to their late 80s.

Over 90 percent of laser max users see real results within 12 weeks and are satisfied with improvements to their hair. This level of customer satisfaction is among the highest for any hair loss treatment for woman, one of the products on the market and indicates that you too, can achieve exciting results with the laser comb.

Cool light laser harnesses the energizing and nourishing effects of laser light therapy to make hair healthy and vibrant. Light is energy. Living cells thrive in light and your hair is no different. Much like plants use the energy from sunlight and photosynthesis to nourish and encourage plant growth, the laser max uses the unique energy in laser light and Laser Photo Therapy to revitalize and strengthen hair.

The end result is that your hair will flourish and you will start to like your hair again!

By using the laser max 15 to 20 minutes per use, it should easily last a lifetime. Compare the one-time cost of a laser max to ongoing costs for other hair treatments and you'll see how the laser max is much more economical over the years.

The laser max 50 encompasses a state-of-the-art high precision 50 laser diodes housed in super strength housing for the ultimate in durability. The laser module has an estimated life of 10,000-15,000 hours. realistic life span is 10+ years when used according to directions.


The Laser Max has been accepted world wide which happens to be made in the USA Even "Ripley's Believe It or Not" rated the laser max as a "Believe It!" product for effective hair loss treatment for the woman.

Both the press and public are excited about the laser max because of its unique way of making hair healthy and vibrant without the use of drugs or supplements. A great alternative for hair loss treatment for woman.

10 Reasons why you will love the Laser Max 50

  1. User satisfaction is high! Over 90% of users are satisfied with the results after 3 to 6 months of use
  2. No more wetting your hair everyday with serums. Easy use, only 3 times a week
  3. Improve scalp and tensile strength, reduces dandruff and/or eliminate it & scalp itch
  4. Increases the density of hair shaft, Laser Max has no reported negative side effects
  5. Convenient home treatments No more visiting hair clinics with recurring cost
  6. A sturdy precise instrument with 50 commercial grade 650 nanometer lasers,(NO LED's that are put in flashlights) made in USA
  7. Certified and completely safe, complies with US Regulators of Laser Safety
  8. A good deal price point for a self standing laser with 50 full strength lasers. The price you will pay for some hand held lasers
  9. World wide delivery, order in the comfort of your home
  10. There are some things in life you cannot put a price on, your hair happens to be one of them...

  11. Dont buy a Laser Comb until you learn why they fail


    Over time, hair can weaken and hair growth can deteriorate. the sooner you start the hair loss treatment for woman, the better. So act now and start revitalizing your hair today with the laser max!


    The laser Max brings the most advanced laser hair care technology right to your home and makes it as simple as taking a seat and reading while the therapy is working on your hair.

    Dramatic improvements in your hair can be achieved with the laser max in just a few months. So what have you got to lose? Great choice for hair loss treatment for woman.

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