Laser Hair Comb
The Wave of New Hair Growth

The laser hair comb, it may sound like a gimmick but for people suffering from hair loss it is more like god-sent. Laser therapy is the latest instrument for hair loss treatment and uses cool light laser to enhance the restoration of scalp hair without the need of medication or side effects.

Cool light laser uses what is known as Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT to energize the tissues and bring more blood flow to the scalp, which stimulates hair growth.

Once the lasers are passed over the scalp area, the high intensity light is received by hair follicles, which use it to help in the processes of cells in the area. This whole process is scientifically known as Photo Bio-stimulation.

This procedure is similar to photosynthesis in plants whereby light energy is transformed to chemical energy to make food and enhance plant growth. The LED technology that is used in cool light laser helps in stimulating healing of the body by applying low intensity monochrome light to any lesions that may appear during the procedure.

For several years, this laser technology has been used in the United States of America as well as Europe for hair loss treatment.

The treatment however had to be administered in clinics and was quite costly. Currently, laser offers the treatment at relatively low price and can be done conveniently at home.

The market today is flooded with a host of remedies for hair loss including conditioners, shampoos and creams whose credibility is questionable. In most cases, these substances just end up making people spend money without any positive results.

The laser has recorded quite some positive responses from users and with its certification from the FDA it has considerable credibility. The comb is designed just like the normal hair comb and is also used in the same way except for the laser enhancements embedded on the device. For the Hair Max Laser story Click Here... Laser Max

The device is capable of showing positive results after being used for a period of five to ten weeks. The laser comb improves the hair quality, adding thickness and strength. Some of the people who have used the device claim to have got fifty percent hair increase since they began to use the device. Here is another case study on the possibilities of a cool light laser treatment...

To get your hands on this amazing device, check here. The laser hair comb is supposed to be used just three times a week for a period of approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. This regime has to be maintained to ensure that any positive results gained are not reversed. The laser combs have become so popular that some outlets can hardly keep up with demand.

This form of hair restoration therapy is safe to use and does not have any reported side effects. This is good news for many people who have spent plenty of cash on hyped up concoctions that hardly have any effect.

The laser hair comb uses modern technology to ensure sufficient restoration of weak and thinning hair.

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