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Non Surgical Hair Replacement And The Latest Improvements

Non-surgical hair replacement techniques for Alopecia have not only experienced major improvements but have also developed tremendously.

Other options have also received a technical advancement. Most people assume that non surgical hair replacement entails a euphemism for toupees, big wigs and multiple bags of hair. However, this is not the case, the techniques involved have become sophisticated, flawless and invisible to the naked eye, and some even offer a permanent solution to female baldness.

Basically, the cosmetic hair replacement deals with the application of a light, thin transparent membrane on the scalp infused together with the natural human hair that is entirely hand made.

The membrane is then attached to the scalp and is woven with the already existing hair to form a seamless natural effect. This type of approach lets the hair found in the membrane to be perfectly matched with the natural hair on the basis of density, direction and color.

One is able to wear the system with a lot of confidence and with no fear that it will come off.

The system is usually attached securely to the scalp using the latest types of attachment methods. Surgical grade bonding materials, invisible aggressive tape, weaving techniques, or silicon rinex rings.

And if you do not want these type of attachments, a Reprieve hair system is your answer. This is what the model is wearing now. A hair system made of the best Bohyme Remy hair available, that floats on your head with no adhesives, braiding, or weaving, quite amazing.

In most cases, cosmetic hair replacement starts with a design consultation, custom mold, or head measurement. This is where the product is customized to the individual for a perfect fit and finish.

The hair system is integrated into the existing hair, matching your own hair color, or with natural high lights. Your Stylist then will help you choose a great hair style or you may decide to wear the precision cut!

The entire process takes 6 to 8 weeks for system to be made unless there is a rush placed on order which can take 3 to 4 weeks. A quality hair system is entirely handmade and hair ventilated strand by strand by artisans in the lace material. Taking any where from 30 to 40 hours to complete.

The non surgical hair replacement procedure does not end with the design process; one has to consider the lace or membrane material. Currently there are so many different types of material available today such as French lace, monofilament, integration nets and polyurethane to name a few.

One will be used in a non surgical hair replacement system. If you happened to be allergic to surgical adhesives we combine silicone materials in strategic places to grip the head naturally.

The user requirements determine the most suitable material one will opt for. Lace fronts, integration nets, or Monofilament are porous and this makes it the best choice for people with scalps that need fresh circulation of air. The latest designs are silk tops or rootless knots lace systems.

The polyurethane is discreet and invisible while the Lace gives the most natural look and is used when creating a hairline. The French lace can also be used on the visible areas found in female pattern baldness.

However, there are ready made non surgical hair replacement options which are cheaper. But you will sacrifice the hand made quality, materials and premium hair. The second thing to take note of before the install process is the bonding if this is your way of attachment. A translucent adhesive or invisible tape is most appropriate for bonding the membrane to scalp in non surgical hair replacement.

Because the bond; is not broken down by water and sweat. However, a better adhesion will occur if some hair is buzzed off at the attachment site. The bond can be allowed to adhere directly onto the scalp.

Most people have a phobia about hair transplant surgery hence, the more reason they opt for a cosmetic hair replacement.

Surgery is also known to use some of the existing hair to be distributed around the head. This will only be successful if one has enough donor hair, which will be moved from there to the thinning area. There are some advantages abound regarding hair transplant for women that you could be over looking...

There is also the risk of having to go into surgery again if one loses the transplanted hair, again and this will diminish hair found in the donor area. Cosmetic hair replacement does not interfere with the existing hair.

However, the pros and cons of non surgical hair replacement has one major shortcoming; it requires maintenance for it to have a natural look and illusion, maybe every 4 to 6 weeks.

The service requirement is to remove system with a delicate but effective adhesive remover, dip in a shallow bowl to clean and soak any residue off. Then use a terry towel and gently rub the terry towel one direction forward against the lace to also help remove any left over residue or adhesive from lace, then shampoo and condition.

Wrap wig up in another towel for 2 or 3 minutes remove and mix 10% of your best conditioner into a small spray bottle with 90% distilled water, shake then lightly mist your hair and let dry naturally on a wig stand.

Then cleanse and shampoo the clients hair, exfoliate scalp, condition hair, and dry. Finally re-attach system and style.

Depending on the type of system you have it would need to be replaced at some point. Most clients do get 2 systems to be able to change into one that is ready to install for faster service, and leave the one they have on to be ready for the next visit.

You can easily be taught to service it yourself successfully. with a kit and all necessary products and tools. I do have some out of town clients that do a great job servicing there hair themselves.

Even though you will have to replace the system in time,The bottom line is, can you really put a price on a beautiful and natural looking head of hair that looks to be growing out of your head? Can you? Some things in life are priceless and this happens to be one of them. When you look good you feel good! and your self esteem shines on...

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