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Pubic Hair Loss Mystery

Pubic hair loss, another taboo subject is a cause of worry for many people; however what people do not realize is that this type of hair loss is a mystery. And can take place whether the hair loss occurs in other parts of the body or not.

There are a number of reasons why hair loss in pubic area occurs A disruption of hormone production pre-puberty may result in a lack of pubic hair growth through puberty and adulthood.In addition to losing pubic hair, women experiencing menopause may also lose hair in their armpits and on their legs.

There is a lot more known about female pubic hair loss as opposed to male pubic hair loss. With women, it is due more in part to hormones, or the lack thereof. Women occasionally have pubic hair loss during or after pregnancy due to what is called the recycling of hair.

Your hair is growing rapidly because of your hormones that are constantly in flux during pregnancy, just like the hair on your head grows rapidly at the same time.

After you give birth your hormones usually calm down whereas you will shed the new hair, usually taking the old hair with it. Within six months all should be back to normal, and after the first major shedding your pubic hair should grow back as it was before.

Pituitary insufficiency and androgen resistance are rare conditions, but they can result in sparse to no pubic hair growth at puberty. A hysterectomy or bilateral oophorectomy may be done pre-puberty due to abnormal bleeding and this can also result in a lack of pubic hair growth in adulthood.

In these cases hormone replacement or topical application of androgenic drugs to the pubis to stimulate terminal hair growth is typically the preferred treatment approach. But one thing for sure is that in most cases it can be an indication of something more serious.

In the course or after menopause, a majority of women lose some hair on their head and also on the body; this includes hair in the pubic area. This is considered a normal occurrence. However, when this is excessive then one should contact a doctor.

A majority of people worldwide suffer from this condition but there are available treatment methods.

The aging process is also characterized by loss of hair and wrinkles and sometimes this can occur in the pubic area. This is perfectly normal and not a cause of worry.

There are times when the adrenal gland which when it is inactive results in pubic and body hair loss. An adrenal gland is responsible for reproductive ability and hair growth. If stunted, the adrenal gland causes hair loss.

This progressive disease affects both women and men by tricking the adrenal gland to halt production of the essential hormones.

Some of the minor causes of pubic hair loss includes hypopituitarism, autoimmune deficiency and skin irritating diseases, hormonal imbalances, anemia iron deficiency and liver cirrhosis. In skin conditions, hair loss in the pubic area is noticed only if there is a concentration of the condition.

There are also non-genetic causes of pubic hair hypotrichosis (a lack of pubic hair growth) or pubic hair Alopecia (hair loss through auto immune disease). Some individuals grow a normal pubic hair density at puberty, but may find Alopecia develops later in adulthood.

The most common causes of pubic hair loss include alopecia areata and telogen effluvium. In these cases, the best approach is to treat the alopecia areata or telogen effluvium.

If treatment is successful, the affected pubic hair follicles should regrow and produce new hair fibers. Some people with Trichotillomania (a habit of hair plucking) will focus on the pubic region and cause hair loss.

The earlier the cause is detected the easier it is to treat pubic hair loss. This may involve many tests and questions from the doctor to determine the real reason for the hair loss. Stress has also been known to cause pubic hair loss.

If this is the case then the doctor will recommend medication, therapy or relaxation exercises. Hair loss that comes about due to some skin condition can be treated by topical medication which will be able to either cure or ease condition.

For those over 65 years of age there may be a general thinning of pubic hair. Hair growth slows down in the elderly and this may become apparent as a diffuse hair loss most noticeable on the scalp, but underarm hair and pubic hair may also be lost.

Drugs, particularly psychotropic drugs and glucocorticoids, may cause hair loss in the pubic region in addition to the scalp.

In short, there are many potential causes of pubic hair loss or hypotrichosis. Don't be afraid to talk to your doctor about it.

But there are some opinions that reveal why do you want pubic hair anyway... Some feel you should shave you'll be cleaner and look better. Your mate would probably be happier without all that hair anyway, better hygiene with nothing to hold the moisture...

Some women who are concerned about thinning pubic hair actually buy a Merkin. A "Merkin" is a pubic wig for women. The lonely Merkin is hand made out of swiss lace and human hair. They are usually affixed with spirit gum.

History about the lonely Merkin can be found here...

How do you feel about pubic hair loss? Would it bother you or not? Most shave anyway...

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