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There are a number of symptoms and definitions which describe the term scalp conditions. However, there are a few reasons why the scalp may be infected, inflamed, itchy or sore.

Not knowing the type of scalp infection one has and how to treat it may be quite troubling.

However, once it has been identified it is easy to find a diagnosis and treat it. Some of the scalp infections include dry scalp, scalp Psoriasis, Scalp that itches and has a burning sensation, itching that comes as a result of stress, scalp dermatitis, Dandruff Folliculitis scalp eczema and ringworm.

To get an accurate answer and a proper diagnosis it is advisable to see a medical expert. It has been determined that there are times when the scalp conditions come about because of skin or scalp sebum imbalance or an allergic reaction to ingredients found in the hair treatments and hair products.

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An itchy scalp with a prickly, tingling and burning hot sensation and is sensitive to touch is in many cases associated with sun burns, allergies, fungal infection and/or a chemical burn.

As many people are aware, dandruff is the continuous shedding of skin cells on the scalp. In many cases dandruff comes about as a result of products, toxins, diet and pollutants which have formed on the scalp.

Cheap and artificially enhanced shine in hair products and some conditioners, that are found in supermarkets that are commonly used could be the culprit. Try switching to a better product.

Excessive scratching of the scalp causes tiny lesions that ooze and weep or get infected and this causes scalp infections.

A highly irritated scalp or a sensitively aggravated scalp causes sores, bumps and lumps. Scalp yeast infections results in Candida.

Ringworms are another type of the skin conditions occur when a kind of fungus grows and then multiplies in a specific place on the nails, skin or scalp. The infection is commonly found in children. It is identified with red and itchy patches, which leave bald areas on the scalp. It causes the skin to peel and take on a red color and have a rash which is very contagious or blisters.

A dry scalp can cause scalp to feel tight and can cause flakiness. It comes about because of the natural oils that have been stripped from the scalp by the constant use of hair dyes, shampoos and some hair products.

Scalp dermatitis, an inflammatory disorder which affects the body and parts of the head which have prominent sebaceous glands and is caused by the accumulation of products and toxins which are built on the scalp and which the body tries to get rid of.

Scalp eczema, another one of the skin conditions has a similar appearance to the Seborrhea dermatitis but is named Atopic dermatitis.

Scalp Psoriasis occurs at the back side of the head. Nevertheless, the whole scalp or multiple areas on the scalp can be affected. ^Up to Scalp Conditions