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Experiencing Sudden Hair Loss
All of the Sudden

Have you ever experienced an alarming hair emergency that was not fixable? Sudden hair loss, not a great feeling. You just don't know how or why its happening.

There are literally hundreds of different diseases commonly associated with sudden hair loss. While most of them fall under the term of alopecia, there are others that are stand alone and can also be far more devastating to say the least.

This is certainly the case when it comes to anagen effluvium. A hair falling out term. While largely a mystery in some cases, this form of hair loss has certain indicators that make it unique among the other diseases that are currently known. This condition must be addressed in order to regrow hair.

The first part of this disease refers strictly to the cycle of hair growth that naturally occurs with in the human body. The second part of the name is the way in which the hair that is growing is lost and how fast it progresses through the cycle eventually resulting in large patches of hair loss and thinning hair on the scalp.

When anagen effluvium occurs it is the direct result of some traumatic occurrence in the body. One must consider events that took place before, like months prior to the hair loss. Did you go through a traumatic situation say death of a loved one or best friend, a divorce, Lost your job, unable to control stress, or starting a new medication your Doctor recommended. All of these could contribute to hair loss cause.

The issue revolves around the division of cells as they relate to the growth of hair and the ways in which the hair will grow over time. The most common of these occurrences is the chemical therapy used to treat most cancers.

Chemotherapy is actually the act of injecting poison into the body the will attack the cancer cells. The problem is that the poison also attacks other parts of the body, such as the cells that grow hair. When this happens the patient will lose their hair and will not re-grow any hair until the treatments have ceased.

Most often the effects of this kind of therapy are only temporary and the effects will reverse when the treatments are no longer present. Then a hair loss treatment therapy program should be started.

Sudden Hair loss can also be a sign of certain nutritional deficiencies, including deficiencies of vitamins A and D, iron and protein. It should come as no surprise that one of the first recommendations I make to women concerned with accelerated hair loss is to fine tune their diet and add a nutraceutical-grade multivitamin to fill any gaps.

Here is that S word again Stress which always seem to be lurking around because of life's fast pace and constant challenges. Stress is still an issue for women with hair loss. Elevated stress hormones can shock hair follicles into their resting phase, causing hair to fall out at the slightest tug. Most women we see at our studio experience unremitting stress that doesn’t give the hair follicles the chance to switch back into their active growth phase, leading to thinning hair on the scalp.A natural approach solves the cause of thinning hair. Try this exercise when you feel stress coming on (In Red), it really works.

Extreme hair loss should be discussed with your health care practitioner, either a Endocrinologist or Dermatologist. Some conditions like thyroid disease can cause dramatic hair loss and need specific treatments. But in the case of mild to moderate thinning hair, which is usually a result of hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, or elevated stress hormones, most women can get relief naturally — without having to resort to a new hair cut or experiment with hair thickening gels!

The basic approach is to support hair growth at the root by giving your body the support it needs. Many women find that a nutrient-rich diet, high-quality nutritional supplements and a little stress relief from, here is that E word again Exercise can be all it takes to reverse thinning hair or sudden hair loss besides stress management.

For women whose hair loss is related to menopause or a more entrenched hormonal imbalance, we also recommend gentle endocrine support in the form of phytotherapy.

So you have my word...that I will continue to research and seek out the latest advances in female hair loss control solutions and share it with you until we find a viable remedy in arresting female hair loss. ^Back up Sudden Hair Loss.