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Telogen Effluvium Quite Alarming...

Telogen effluvium is a condition of hair loss characterized by hair generally thinning over a relatively short time period. It is common in individuals with a recent experience of trauma usually resulting from severe illness, major surgery and childbirth.

Its occurrence is attributed to a scenario of various factors interfering with the regular growth cycle, which manifests after a considerable amount of hair is pushed from growing phase (anagen) prematurely into a resting phase (Telogen). This results in a loose attachment of telogen hairs at their roots causing them to easily fall out. The fortunate bit about this abnormal growth behavior is that it is completely reversible and only temporary.

Telogen auto immune is diagnosed through a process involving three steps including an assessment of the hair loss type, which is generally characterized by a quick thinning on the entire scalp unlike the localized hair loss common in most conditions. Secondly, the previous life events for at least six months should be reviewed to discern whether any traumatic event occurred. Thirdly, a hormone test should be undertaken to ensure other abnormalities are ruled out.

In regard to treatment, telogen effluvium disappears concurrently with the waning effects of the previously experienced trauma. Consequently, this condition has no specific treatment, although Naturceutical products, may aid in accelerating the process of re-growth.

The condition of telogen effluvium is usually noticed two to three months after the occurrence of a stressful event. Though the loss of 100 hair strands in a day may be regarded as normal, a hair loss condition that is stress related can shed roughly 300 to 400 hair strands in a day leading to a lose of approximately 70% of the scalp hairs. In a majority of cases, telogen effluvium is usually temporary in response to a quick hair recovery. However, in certain cases the abrupt loss of hair persists until after fixing whatever is primarily causing the stress.

The ideal way of recovering from telogen effluvium is establishing if the condition is stress related and proceeding to treat it naturally if this is the case, although this is not easy altogether. The complexity in regard to stress is similarly attributed to people’s inability to separate them from its need since it is a vital and major part of everyday routine.

Telogen effluvium hair loss condition is not a direct stress side effect, but rather results from unhealthy lifestyle and diet caused by the stressful conditions of living.

It is therefore vital for all individuals suffering from telogen effluvium hair loss condition to understand the causes of stress, its effect on health and the means of coping or getting rid of it.

Permanent stress cure involves addressing all the problems in a head-on manner rather than disassociating from them because this would only result in temporary relief. The various means of coping with stress consequently leads to recovery from the hair loss condition of telogen effluvium and this includes exercise, which decreases adrenaline production thus counteracting the stress response.

Posted by Dr. Ben Kim

If you regularly feel stressed and want to transcend an anxiety-ridden existence, I encourage you to give the following tip a try:

Every hour, or even more frequently if possible, close your eyes and breath deeply for a full minute.

Do your best to focus on nothing but your breathing. Feel your abdomen go in and out as air enters and leaves the deepest corners of your lungs.

This simple exercise has a powerful effect on your autonomic nervous system.

More specifically, it calms your sympathetic nervous system the entity that goes into overdrive when you're stressed and it increases output by your para sympathetic nervous system, which promotes relaxation and emotional balance.

Don't neglect to keep your eyes closed as you focus on deep breathing. Removing stimuli from the countless neurons that make up your visual pathway is critical to restoring balance within your autonomic nervous system.

This tip is simple and free, which means that most people are likely to underestimate the effect that it can have on their health over the short and long term.

If necessary, post highly visible reminders around your work and/or living spaces that will help make this breathing and relaxation exercise an unbreakable habit in your daily routine.

If you've been highly stressed for many years or you've experienced a highly stressful event that has left you feeling burned out, you might combine this breathing exercise with intake of an Ayurvedic herb called ashwagandha.

Another habit that can help you stay emotionally balanced and help repair stress-induced damage to your nervous and endocrine systems is to ensure a good night's sleep.

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