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Thyroid Hair Loss

Thyroid hair loss causes or hair loss thyroid often starts as a gradual process until one day one finds themselves with no hair at all and this is when they start asking themselves what went wrong.

When an overactive thyroid is detected,your body will have a surplus of hormones and may begin to exhibit hyperthyroid symptoms. Though the symptoms of hyperthyroidism vary from person to person, there are several common symptoms that you want to take heed for further testing. The most common symptoms are fatigue, hair loss or thinning, excessive sweating and an enlarged thyroid that bulges from the neck.

If a person starts losing hair in the absence of a tangible reason, they could be suffering from thyroid condition. The symptoms above usually comes out in hypothyroidism cases.

Unlike with baldness associated with men, thinning of hair where this condition is concerned is usually uniformed.

Additionally, their sensitivity to cold becomes heightened in an abnormal way and they also suffer from constipation and depression. In case one has these symptoms and they experience loss of hair, they should go and get tested to establish if they have the thyroid condition.

Thyroid hair loss comes about because of the hormonal imbalances experienced inside the body as well as the psychological effects that come about because of the imbalances.

When the system of hair growth inside a person’s system encounters some deficiencies because of hormonal disproportion disturbing the mechanism of hair growth, hair loss occurs. In the event that the thyroid stops working as required, the hair follicles will become inactive leading to malfunction.

Among the solutions that can work for a person who is experiencing hair loss because of the thyroid, is the thyroid gland treatment. This will need a good diagnosis to be carried out on the gland, primary medical tests and ultimately prescribed treatment.

These will not only help in detecting the problem your gland is suffering from, but it will also help one’s thyroid get its balance back. In addition, there will be hair restoration. Quite a number of patients have discovered vitamins to be quite effective in restoring hair once they discover that they have the thyroid hair loss condition.

A few of the common symptoms of an Underactive Thyroid are:

● Weight Gain ● Fatigue ● Depression ● Dry Skin ● Cold Intolerance ● Hair Loss ● Forgetfulness

A few of the common symptoms of an Overactive Thyroid are:

● Weight Loss ● Nervousness ● Fatigue ● Heat Intolerance ● Muscle Weakness ● Insomnia ● Heart Palpitations

Biological Risk Factors for thyroid disease include:

● Known Thyroid Disorder ● Goiter ● Diabetes ● Anemia ● Premature Gray Hair

Family History Risk Factors include:

● Diabetes ● Pernicious Anemia ● Thyroid Disease ● Primary Adrenal Insufficiency

Vitamins E, B and C are all known to nourish the fingernails, skin and hair. One can take these vitamins in the form of supplements or they can alternatively massage their scalp using oils entailing these vitamins. Some other natural ways to deal with hair loss include:

* Arginine * Cysteine * Green Tea * Polysorbate 80 * Progesterone * Saw Palmetto * Trichosaccaride * Vitamin B6 Zinc

Causes of hair loss because of the inadequacy of the thyroid gland may be rising but are certainly not life threatening, and can be treated easily. ^Back up to Thyroid Hair Loss