Women with Hair Loss, and
The Joy of Getting it Back

Timely and effective therapy for women with hair loss. A reversal solution, on how to get your hair thicker, fuller, more body and faster growth plus a healthier scalp now.

Your Hair is considered to be your crowning glory... For women the condition can be overwhelming. This is because for most ladies, hair enhances and compliments the woman. So hairstyles for thinning hair just don't cut it. The hair styling, thickness and length, does make a difference in trying to create varied new looks.

Hair growth goes through a cycle that takes two to six years. Each hair is able to grow to about one centimeter in a month. Approximately ninety per cent of hair on a scalp grows concurrently while ten percent is in the resting phase. The resting hair is shed after two to three months and new hair begins growing.

See through hair challenges can cause serious self confidence issues and some women can experience a receding hair line. In extreme cases, ladies suffer psychologically related problems as a result of the hair loss. There are several reasons why women may have excessive hair fall out, The first is a result of hormonally related problems such as an under active or over active thyroid gland and you should be tested for an imbalanced estrogen female hormone.

A correction in the hormonal imbalance usually stops the loss of hair.

A number of women lose hair three months after giving birth due to the imbalance of hormones but hair grows back after these changes, as soon as thepre-pregnancy hormone levels resume.

Sometimes, three to four months after a long illness or major surgery a woman may lose a lot of hair. This is because of the illness one has endured, but this is normally a temporary thing.

It has also been noted that some women could be undergoing some form of stress or could not be grooming their hair correctly.

Certain medications are also known to cause loss of hair such as chemotherapy, gout, vitamin A medications, anti depressant and birth control pills a big reason. Women with hair loss tend to lose hair on the entire head unlike the men who lose it over the temple and crown.

Females have genetic predisposition to loss of hair and this is because of the large quantities of testosterone found in their systems that react with the hair cell enzymes to produce thinning of hair.

Women with hair loss should know that certain hair products and styling methods can play part in hair loss. The hair products could contain harsh chemicals that lead to thinning of hair. Over styling by using curlers and flat irons, Unlicensed practitioners and improper application of chemical treatments like relaxers, perms, coloring and braids that have been tightly bound are known to damage the hair, roots and scalp.

There is available treatment for women with hair loss and there are prevention systems also available in the market today. Most of these treatments come in the form of herbal treatments, hair loss centers can educate you on the latest treatments including laser hair growth Dont buy a Laser Comb until you learn why some fail

If the hair loss is as a result of medicines, a change in prescription should be made by the doctor to change the medicine. Women with hair loss caused by infections should identify the infection early enough and have it treated to avoid further hair loss.

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