Hair loss women-- in any area!

by N.E.Morgan,M.D.
(Chicago, IL USA)


There are many causes of hair loss or 'ALOPECIA'.
Alopecia in its various forms may affect scalp, facial, axillary, pubic, and/or any skin where hair is normally found.

Auto immune associated disorders such as Diabetes M., Pernicious Anemia, Lupus Erythematosus, and certain Thyroid diseases may affect hair growth or be associated with hair loss.

Some infectious follicular diseases such as Tinea capitus (ringworm of the scalp) a fungal infection. More commonly infectious folliculitis is caused by bacteria ie. Staph Aureus or other bacterial pathogens.

Some sexually transmitted diseases like Syphilis may cause patchy hair loss in the scalp, axilla or the pubic area. Some disorders of unknown etiology such as Sarcoidosis may first present as hair loss in unusual places. "PUBIC AREA--SEE MERKIN"

An attempt at finding a cause and/or a diagnosis should be made by a qualified dermatologist. Various test may be needed or a clinical diagnosis may be sufficient after physical exam alone. Therapy and cosmetic considerations may then be addressed.

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