Brand new !
Medical Human Hair Wigs

Medical human hair wigs or Cranial Prosthesis, the professional name.

Medical wigs are progressing and with the combination of the new materials! Which are vast you can build the perfect cap design...

I've designed a new innovative cap! available for the most discriminating new or veteran medically related hair loss wearer. The Sili Spandex Prosthesis

I designed the future of Medical human hair wigs for women with a special non-slip material that will prevent the wig from shifting and moving around on the head.

A hybrid silicone like material adheres lightly to the head and allows the prosthesis to stay in place. The use of tape is not necessary with this type of prosthesis. The caps are extremely comfortable and light weight. The Cranial Prosthesis I have made in the past were 100% silicone that were made with a Plaster of Paris mold because the head impression needed to be perfect.

The special hybrid silicone material in 3"to 8" strips is generally placed strategically. Recessed a inch or more behind the front hairline, the temple and ear area, nape area. This all depends on head shape and security and comfort one needs!

I had one of the Remy human hair prosthesis designed with the entire perimeter of the cap constructed with the hybrid silicone strips for added security along with a combination of breathable spandex like mesh material throughout the rest of the cap. This is a first made design!

The hair that's available come in Remy human hair, Remy virgin human hair, European virgin, Mongolian virgin hair, Malaysian hair name a few.

The synthetic hair prostheses are another excellent choice for chemotherapy patients or individuals who would like a prosthesis that is very easy to care for. Also comes in the Sili Spandex Prosthesisdesign!

Prosthesis that are designed with the hybrid silicone non-slip strips are an excellent option for women who do not want to use tape or are allergic. Tape will not adhere to the silicone material.

Of course the Sili Spandex Prosthesis is tailored to the medical human hair wigs market. Mostly Chemo, Alopecia Totalis, Hereditary hair loss, auto immune hair diseases. So please come in for a free consultation...If possible. If not, I would need a detailed meeting of the minds over the phone and/or send you a measuring kit to assist you to be able to achieve a perfect cap size. If you're out of state you can call me and I will arrange your travel and stay.

I will take measurements and make a custom impression of your head with a plaster of Paris cast, the best measurement for a custom Prosthesis system. Then of course You could leave the next day. Or I could fly to you. Call 708-828-8129 for the details.