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If You Could Stop Hair Loss Now

First and foremost, one should examine their water intake, Drink water not Kool-aid, Lemonade, Gatorade, Juices, Diet sodas the worst, Sodas, etc...Just plain old water maybe with a squirt of lemon or lime if needed to get it down. Also drinking your water thru a straw enables you to consume more water this way because you are not getting a lot of air from drinking out of a glass and it's good. If you drink room temperature it goes down even faster than cold water and doesn't shock your internal body temperature of 98.6. Really you should drink room temperature water anyway.

One of my clients is a dialysis nurse and she mentioned that a lot of patients that are on dialysis could be contributed to not enough water consumption, its important... Some people just don't like water... bad habit! If you cannot drink the 6 to 8 glasses a day, let's compromise, at least drink 3 to 4 glasses a day!

Now let's make an improvement in your eating habits. Fast food is not food, who knows what it is, only a hunger fix. There's no nutrition at all which is needed for optimum health as well as healthy hair. Deficiency's in your eating habit's can cause poor dry lifeless hair. Go back to eating real food now!

Hereditary factors can sometimes be a cause of thinning hair also and can be stubborn to treat as well. Just as an auto immune condition, like lupus, Cancer, or a Thyroid condition. But you have a far better chance of staying healthy and keeping your loving hair by loving it back and eating better.

Look in your mirror...Do you really want to stop hair loss now? or are you gonna, Yes I'm gonna, but I'm gonna, but when? Guess what, if you refuse to change some things you will be stuck with see through hair, dry flaky itchy scalp and dandruff, and sparse lifeless hair that will not support a hair style...

If the root of the problem is a health issue, chances are that unhealthy eating will make the condition worse you are what you eat, you didn't know. It is vital to include a variety of fruits, vegetables, cooked and raw. Vegetables like Collard, Kale green salads a milder green and Cole slaw I make a raw collard salad that most say they never new greens could taste this good without being cooked! I must say they are pretty good and the nourishment and energy you get from them... just try some you will see! If you want this recipe contact me and I would love to share it with you... Another favorite, beans, Greens, corn bread, nuts and a decent amount of protein. These are the building blocks for the most powerful nutrition possible, which indirectly promotes beautiful healthy shiny hair, and builds up a strong fertile scalp for superior hair health . Does this look good or what? Real Power food...

Here's more. A robust diet for hair loss and optimum nutrition is a Mediterranean diet! Proven to be an alkaline enriched way of eating not an acid meat based diet similar to the Atkins diet. Lessen your consumption of a totally meat based diet which doctors are now convinced that eating this way can create some cancers...

Speaking about to much of an acid way of eating , I was reading the news letter from Dr. Mercola... "Acidity is a major problem," he admits. "Anything that chronically acidifies your body can cause metabolic acidosis, a condition which is a catastrophe to say the least.

When your body becomes overly acidic, due to an acid forming diet, you set yourself up to a total metabolic shutdown. Over acidification of your body wastes your muscle and bone tissues, and as the level of acid rises, cellular congestion occurs along with increased vulnerability to degenerative disease. Basically, when your body is acid, you're falling apart…

So there was good reason to believe that all acid foods may cause metabolic disorders and disease including cancer. The two things that cancer thrive on are acid and sugar.

So you should avoid having too much acid and certainly avoid white table sugar! You been had. Minimum amounts of raw cane sugar, some honey, agave nectar and natural Stevia, is a much better substitute for white table sugar.

Stay away from Equal, Sweet n'Low, Splenda, Sucralose etc. its sugar free right, yea sure... and other artificial sweeteners that has aspartame in them which can cause yet another group of health issues. Google it if you don't believe me ... That's what the logic says."

But in real life, not all acid foods are bad...

In fact, some of the most beneficial foods are acid forming. These include protein foods and plant based antioxidants such as alagic acid, garlic acid, fulvic acid and humeric acid all of which are highly beneficial to your health.

So what do you need to do?

"First of all, eat whole foods," Ori Hofmeklev says. "Do not ever eat protein isolate… protein isolate doesn't have the alkalizing mineral co-factors that are needed to balance the acidity of the protein. This means that you should stay away from all whey isolate, hemp isolate, or soy isolate. These are extremely acidifying. If you keep using them in large amounts unbalanced by alkalizing foods, you risk metabolic acidosis.

And once you start to increase your intake of protein, you've got to support it with plant food. Virtually all plant foods are alkalizing, that's besides glutenous grains and some nuts and seeds… If you support high protein intake with a high intake of fruits and vegetables and good selection of nuts like raw unpasteurized almonds for instance, you cannot go wrong."

The same rule actually applies to coffee!

If you drink coffee, just make sure your intake of raw fruits or vegetables is high enough. Essentially, a good diet is a balanced diet that includes all the major building blocks—fats, proteins and carbs—acidic and alkalizing foods must be balanced!This is not only good for your heart but excellent for your hair as well. Eating better will also help stop hair loss now!

Superior nutrition is from the unquestionable Mediterranean way of eating. Foods like these... Now a formula for hair loss reversal...One of my best picks is The Dr. Formula buy Dr. Lewenberg . As a hair care professional I see dozens of clients each week with thinning hair, a receding hair line, or large bald areas. Until a few years back, I have only been able to provide a hair system or integration net to create a natural illusion of a healthy head of hair. For some of you that may have waited too long with out getting any treatments the chances of getting all of your hair back naturally, the percentages are lowered ... but as long as the follicles are still alive and active and follicles have not closed, there is still a chance of getting your hair back.

Buy finding The Dr. Formula, I have been able to help clients actually regrow and improve their hair both cosmetically and medically by designing a program for them. As I work on some clients hair I have noticed the improvement to the quality of their hair as well as seeing new hair come in where clients have been losing hair. The new hairs come back strong and healthy not the peach fuzz associated with other products I have tried in the past. Only tiny strong hairs that resist pulling will grow to normal permanent hairs, which will be cosmetically acceptable and easy to style.

The Dr. Formula have been helping patients of all ages stop hair loss now and regrow and improve their hair for 17 years. The formula work's in 90% of clients and treats most conditions in men and women with virtually no side effects. Guess What! the Dr formula even re-grows eyebrows, this product is amazing to say the least! If you no someone that could use thicker brows Please do her or him a favor and share this rare solution with them!... You will begin to see cosmetically significant growth and improvement in only three months. The quality and thickness of your hair in six months and regrow their lost hair in only 1 year 10 months amazing...

Younger clients or those who have lost hair recently can regrow their hair rather quickly like in 6 months total! men can regrow hair lost in the last 15 years and women can regrow hair lost even before that. Stop hair loss now...

When To Expect Results

Day 1 Dr. Lewenberg's Formula begins working to lower DHT levels .

3 MONTHS You should notice a slowing of hair loss and may see early signs of new hair growth.

6 MONTHS You will see evidence of less hair loss and may begin to see some regrowth of strong healthy hair

9 MONTHS You will be maintaining the hair you have and should be growing back the hair you've lost.

12 MONTHS By now most patients will have stopped hair lost and should be growing back strong, healthy hair.

2 YEARS At two years more than 90% of Patients had visible results of growth or no further hair loss.

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